Everyone has a story.

We want to listen to yours.


When’s the last time you talked to anyone about what you truly desire–or what you’re afraid of?

Have you ever sat down and gone over your life’s experiences with someone, adding up all the memories and values that shaped you as a person?

After all, no one exists in a bubble.

Our experiences bring us closer together, allowing us to resonate with each other through shared understandings and undertakings.

At Fortiv, money isn’t the driving force behind what we do—it’s you.

At Fortiv, money isn’t the driving force behind what we do—it’s you.

At Fortiv, money isn’t the driving force behind what we do—it’s you.

As a financial services firm, we don’t see you as a number in an account book; you’re a person with wants, worries, and dreams, a person who deserves to be listened to, heard, and understood.

And we can’t imagine treating you any other way.

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Our Story

Without a foundation, every building will crumble. Ours is built to last.

The Moreno Family

When Antonio ‘Tony’ Moreno Sr. joined the financial services industry in 1981, he did so with a mission. A Cuban immigrant, Tony Sr. fiercely believed in the values of respect, integrity, honesty, and communication. From his perspective, clients should never be made to feel as though they were merely numbers in a portfolio; instead, every client needed to know that their concerns were being heard and understood. Allowing these core beliefs to act as his guide, Tony Sr. became a Certified Financial Planner, and under his leadership, Moreno Financial Services grew into a respected independent firm in Central Florida.

While Tony Sr. passed away in 2003, his legacy lives on. His wife, Miriam, and children, Lisa and Tony Jr., work tirelessly to carry his legacy into the company’s future, evolving it from a focus on benefits to a holistic financial planning experience. Every member that joins Fortiv does so because they bring the values of compassion and listening into every element of their work.

Our Approach

Our industry is constantly changing, but our dedication to integrity, honesty, and communication is steadfast.

When we say we want to be your advocates, we mean it: we’re here to support you, to guide you through your concerns, your opportunities—and beyond—through thick and thin.


You matter to us, and we want to make sure your concerns are being heard. We’ll spend hours making sure you feel understood and reassured before we even begin designing a strategy.


Once we’ve gotten a clear image of who you are, we’ll be able to create a roadmap for your future. We want to help you see the big picture while still tackling the concerns that brought you here.


Every aspect of the plan we create revolves around you, so we want to be absolutely certain that it’s airtight. If we’re not 100% sold on a solution, we won’t even think about introducing it to you. Our top priority is and always will be making sure you and your finances stay secure.


Once we’ve worked out a strategy, we can begin putting it into motion.


We don’t step away once your strategy has been successfully implemented. Instead, we want to create an ongoing client experience, regularly checking in on you and making adjustments and alterations as your situation changes.

Our Services

When you follow your passion, things just seem to come naturally.

At Fortiv, we allow our passions to drive our specializations, ensuring that we’re always invested in and enthusiastic about the work we do for our clients.

Each member of our team has dedicated themselves to becoming an expert in their field, ensuring that whatever service you receive from them will always be of the highest caliber.

With the combined knowledge and specializations of every member of our team by your side, you’ll always be fully covered.

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