Long Term Care

Enjoy the peace of knowing your aging loved ones are provided for.

We focus on the long-term care planning conversation that many families often avoid. Clients often want to sit down and discuss their retirement and rarely consider how a long-term care event can affect their life savings and impact their loved ones. We aim to address the potential retirement gap that may arise. The best time to think about long-term care is before you actually need it. The most effective way to plan for these unforeseen events is when a person is healthy and has more options. We want to make sure you and your loved ones are protected and taken care of.

Our Long-Term Care Planning Team goes deeper than providing an illustration. We pore over your family history, looking at elements of longevity, illness, and even family dynamics to get the full picture of the care you or your loved ones may require. While savings and family members may cover certain elements of care, it’s always best to have a strategy in place to gain leverage for the care that’s truly deserved—one that may suit all needs instead of vaguely addressing some.

We want you to walk away feeling empowered, in control, and fully equipped to handle whatever your future may bring.

We believe in...



Having personally undergone the long-term care journey, we understand the emotional and financial impact it can have on both you and your family. As a result, our process always leads with compassion.


With so many factors to consider, long-term care planning can often be confusing and complex. We aim to simplify the planning process and try to make every aspect of it easy to understand and digest.



Many individuals haven’t given thought to how they plan to pay for potential long-term care costs. We help walk you through the process with the goal of protecting your current wealth goals.


We make sure you fully understand all the available options to ensure you make the best decision for you and your loved ones.